Trouble in Paradise

The City of Atlanta Police Department revokes the vending permit it just granted to the Yumbii truck to operate on the public right of way (typically at 5th and Spring in Tech Square), claiming that such permit was issued in error!

The owner and his supportive family are scrambling to find a comparable (highly visible) spot on private property and resume a business granted full approval by the Fulton County Health Department.

Unincorporated DeKalb County, meanwhile, prohibits vending entirely, and many locations (including the Emory campus and many large buildings) are tied to preexisting food service contracts and can’t align themselves with the demands of an enthusiastic public.

What is it going to take, Atlanta? Don’t you know that the street food movement is growing by leaps and bounds as seen on the Food Network’s new show the Great Food Truck Race.

One Giant Step for Truckkind

As reported in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Yumbii Korean-Mexican-Southern truck has both its permits (health and police), the first truck to succeed in that respect.

These pictures snapped on Spring Street at Tech Square show that our police force loves street food and enjoys it responsibly! Victory is near for all likeminded entrepreneurs!

Correction (and more hot pictures)

Yumbii truck

Yesterday’s post about the Yumbii truck included the Twitter address for Hankook Taqueria, whose chef is, indeed responsible for Yumbii’s menu. But the whereabouts of the food truck are best followed through its own Twitter account:

Yumbii truck

Yumbii truck

[photos from Carson Young]