The Political Process

Given the chance to decide between a candidate who likes street food and one who is mum on the subject, go for the one who will make delicious things happen.

Joan Garner, candidate for Fulton County Commissioner District 6, showed up at the Urban Picnic in front of the Sweet Auburn Curb Market. If elected, she will align herself with Kwanza Hall and support legislation freeing up opportunities for the food truck community to thrive in the city of Atlanta.

Look at Ms. Garner moving between the Yumbii Korean taco truck, the popsicle cart of the King of Pops, and Hayley Richardson’s adorable Artichoke Bliss tricycle cart and follow your intuition: the woman loves food and supports young entrepreneurs. Vote for her August 10 (or early, August 2-6) in the runoff election for District 6, which includes much of intown Atlanta.

Kwanzaa Saves the Day

You may have noticed a break in the sequence of picnics organized at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market to promote street food culture on the last Friday of the month.

A permitting issue rose its ugly head and the picnic slated for Memorial Day weekend had to be canceled.

Thanks to the joint efforts of Pamela Joiner, the Market’s fiercely smart manager, and Councilman Kwanza Hall who stepped up to the plate as an official sponsor, the event will resume on Friday, June 25, and be held every month until at least October with the City’s blessing.

This official letter of sponsorship and the Councilman’s blessed signature renew our hope for city-approved vending!

Fast Food That Won’t Kill You

The little tricycle that could

Cliff Bostock of Creative Loafing trusts that “Unless you’ve been hiding under a table at Bacchanalia for the last few months, you know that street food has become the latest cause célèbre of Atlanta foodies,” and he is helping to spread the word about tomorrow’s event at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market.

Will Bostock be there?

Will the Mayor and Councilman Kwanza Hall be there again?

Will  the local media show up?

Find out for yourself and enjoy the second Urban Picnic organized by the Atlanta Street Food Coalition in conjunction with the market. We promise you an interesting crowd and some new vendors. Be there! Monthly picnic 11 a.m.-2 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market.