Vendor Gallery: Deb and Becky Tokich

Deb and Becky Tokich

No, you aren’t seeing double!

The Tokich sisters, who will soon make their debut as the only twins among the new generation of  local street vendors, have been in Atlanta for 15 years. “We live to eat & live to cook.,” they recently told us, adding that they have been cooking since they were 11.

After years of listening to their friends insisting they share their food with the masses, they are finally  working on doing just that. “Having a street food truck/cart is the ideal way for us to introduce our food,” they wrote.

Their dream: “Working together, cooking together, sharing our food with people.”

Their concept: Mouthwatering Cubans

Their method: “We slow roast our pork in our homemade mojo sauce.”

Their future: “different fillings for Cubans–i.e., Turkey Cuban, Veggie–all hot pressed on Cuban bread!!”

Those spirited twins have just the right attitude (“We love love nothing more than watching people eat our food–seriously!!! The noises & faces make us happy”) and their soon-to-be-famous Cuban sandwiches look too great for words.

Cubanismo sandwich

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