Girl Power

April Leigh – Hot Lunch Ladies & the Street Vendor Brigade from Alfredo Aponte on Vimeo.

Peddler gal and pedestrian activist April Leigh speaks of a better life on the street.

Some of the pictures she took to illustrate her point of view have already been posted on our site. Plenty more will be.

Hear her voice, now, and share her hopes for a better Atlanta!

Heard It Through the Tip Line

Ponce Trailer

The trailer on Ponce

Seen on Ponce de Leon Avenue just above Myrtle Street, this colorful trailer with an enticing logo. According to the guys at the car wash next door, someone will be in the kitchen within a couple of weeks. Keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready and help us put food carts on the map!

The 99-cent taco is alive and well…

Taco Truck 1000000

Taco Truck 1000000

Taco Truck 1000000, a classic Mexican kitchen on wheels, stays pretty much put on the parking lot next to the Favor Market at 2084 Favor Rd. SW near Pat Mell Rd. in Marietta. It isn’t the best, it isn’t the worst, but it is the only one in a part of Cobb County where a huge Mexican scene includes second (or third, or fourth) locations of restaurants such as El Taco Veloz, Las Tortas Locas, and more.

The taco truck is shaded by an awning and has a permanent annex with a basic dining room for on-premises consumption. The tortillas are great, the pickled vegetables awesome, and the salsa not so distinctive. Among the meats the cabeza (cow’s head meat, braised into submission) is stellar, the lengua (cow’s tongue) tender but not particularly well seasoned, and the al pastor (seasoned pork roasted on a spit) pretty standard.

Taco plate

Photo by Ron Zirpoli

Popular burritos, mulitas (“little mules”–grilled cheese sandwiches made with two corn tortillas and a meat of your choice), and Jarritos are dispensed from the taco truck as well and the experience  feels muy autentica.

PBA Does Corn Dog: The Common Touch

Yes, Virginia, There is Street Food in Atlanta

Gary's BBQ trailer

BBQ BBQ BBQ trailer

We have tortured you long enough with our wishes, naggings, and comparisons with other cities. It is time for us provide some leads to actual food trucks.

The BBQ BBQ BBQ trailer parks regularly at the Texaco gas station at Glenwood Avenue exit off I-20 (if you are traveling East  on I-20 from Atlanta toward Decatur, get off at the Glenwood Avenue exit; turn right, and it will be just over the bridge on your right). Large, white, super-clean, and well-stocked, it is a shining example of what a mobile kitchen can be. We noticed the health inspection sticker issued in the name of Spade’s Kountry Kitchen, a Kirkwood restaurant nearby that specializes in soul food and that we like well enough, and Gary, the well-spoken owner, confirmed the connection with this “sister restaurant.”

The meat is smoked off-premises and with the exception of the brisket, which is terrific, it can be dry (the chicken especially so) and benefits from dousing with a fine, thin, vinegar-based sauce we carried home like a treasure. Gary’s frozen fries are better than most of the from-scratch ones we know; his green beans and mac n’ cheese are way above average; his baked beans are too syrupy for our palate; and even though we can think of better, smokier bbq, we support the effort.

An ad hoc patio covered in clear plastic is provided for your eating pleasure, unless Gary’s father has locked the tables and chairs and hasn’t been by to undo the chains.